Another Youth Lost to Anti-Gay Bullying

On February 23rd our country lost another youth to bullying.  Nicholas Kelo JR, just 13, took his life with a gun in his own home.  Nicholas became the subject of anti-gay simply because he switched activities in school.  Kelo stopped playing football and began playing in the band, and rumors began to circulate around the school that he was gay.  It is unclear if Nicholas was indeed gay but rumors got out of control one incident even led to another student spitting on Kelo on a bus ride home.  Even though Nicholas spoke with his mother about bullies at school, this brilliant boy (152 IQ) took his life.

This is absurd that this behavior is being tolerated.  We have President Obama holding press conferences and then people like Sarah Palin accepting her teen daughter using the word “fag” to bully on facebook.  Parents must have conversations about bullying and being bullied!  We see everyday “adults” being homophobic bigots and using religion and/or political stance as an acceptable excuse for their behavior.  Then when their children mimic their behaviors they are accepted as “traditions”.  I wonder if these parents can imagine losing their child to such hatred.  If your child is being bullied be proactive!  Don’t just act like it will go away or that it’s just part of growing up.  It isn’t.  It leaves scars.  It ends lives.  This isn’t just for parents either we are all responsible for protecting and guiding the younger generations.  Stop bullies in their tracks!  Bullies are cowards and should be confronted!  We cannot keep losing young people in this manner.  It takes a village and the LGBT community has incredible strength to share with LGBT youth.  As a society we HAVE to stop throwing around derogatory terms like they mean nothing.  If this child was gay it is not for anyone but himself to have outed him.  Children must be educated about their words and damage words can do!  Tolerance must be practiced at home and taught to children.

LGBT youth and youth in general, please, it gets better!  Continue to STAND IN YOUR TRUTH!  Use online resources for support, we are everywhere!



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