March 16, 2011

Another Youth Lost to Anti-Gay Bullying

On February 23rd our country lost another youth to bullying.  Nicholas Kelo JR, just 13, took his life with a gun in his own home.  Nicholas became the subject of anti-gay simply because he switched activities in school.  Kelo stopped playing football and began playing in the band, and rumors began to circulate around the school that he was gay.  It is unclear if Nicholas was indeed gay but rumors got out of control one incident even led to another student spitting on Kelo on a bus ride home.  Even though Nicholas spoke with his mother about bullies at school, this brilliant boy (152 IQ) took his life.

This is absurd that this behavior is being tolerated.  We have President Obama holding press conferences and then people like Sarah Palin accepting her teen daughter using the word “fag” to bully on facebook.  Parents must have conversations about bullying and being bullied!  We see everyday “adults” being homophobic bigots and using religion and/or political stance as an acceptable excuse for their behavior.  Then when their children mimic their behaviors they are accepted as “traditions”.  I wonder if these parents can imagine losing their child to such hatred.  If your child is being bullied be proactive!  Don’t just act like it will go away or that it’s just part of growing up.  It isn’t.  It leaves scars.  It ends lives.  This isn’t just for parents either we are all responsible for protecting and guiding the younger generations.  Stop bullies in their tracks!  Bullies are cowards and should be confronted!  We cannot keep losing young people in this manner.  It takes a village and the LGBT community has incredible strength to share with LGBT youth.  As a society we HAVE to stop throwing around derogatory terms like they mean nothing.  If this child was gay it is not for anyone but himself to have outed him.  Children must be educated about their words and damage words can do!  Tolerance must be practiced at home and taught to children.

LGBT youth and youth in general, please, it gets better!  Continue to STAND IN YOUR TRUTH!  Use online resources for support, we are everywhere!


March 15, 2011

Stars Ask President Obama to Legalize Gay Marriage

Stars ask Obama to legalize gay marriage.


This is a copy of the letter 32 celebrities have sent to President Obama as a part of the “Say I Do” campaign.  President Obama has sent loud messages lately that discrimination of LGBT will not be tolerated.  Our President hears us and we cannot let our voices fade!  Thank you to these 32 people that happen to be celebrities, some gay, some straight for sending this letter!  It is getting better!




March 12, 2011

Standing-room only at RI gay marriage hearing

Standing-room only at RI gay marriage hearing.


Prayers are with the Baker-Tevyaw FAMILY!  Everyday loving couples unjustly lose inheritance because they are being denied their human rights!   This has so little to religion.  This is about the equal benefits being denied to lifelong couples because they are not allowed to be married.  It is absurd to think that gender has anything to do with marriage.  Where does the love come into the picture?

Opponents you are sad sad hate filled people with sick excuses for being bigots.  No one is bullying you.  Keep USING God as your vice I’m sure He’s thrilled you use His name in HATE!  SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!

My loving LGBT community there is so much proof in this article that we are being heard.  There is A LOT of reasons to know it gets better.  We must continue to STAND IN OUR TRUTH!  We must never be defeated!  We must continue our fight for EQUALITY!   We will win!


March 12, 2011

Does it Matter How We Have Sex?

The Maryland gay marriage bill died without a final vote Friday.  It broke my heart because I was sure that this bill would make the 6th state to recognize and perform equal marriage rights.  Representatives in favor of equal rights to all citizens said they would try again next year.  Sadly, NOM believes this day was a victory for marriage, and are proud to deny rights to people.  The fact that this hate spewing group exists in America, sickens me.

The same tired excuses were thrown around Friday as to why same-sex couples do not have the right to marry.  Yet none of these excuses for hate add up to logical reason.  My favorite is “couples of the same gender can’t reproduce”.  So, big deal.  How many straight couples cannot or do not want to have children.  You going to take away their right to marry as well?  The funniest “gay men can only have anal sex”.  BAHAHAHAHA!  Fools!  Any idea how many straight couples have and enjoy anal sex?  Also, there is oral sex which is also enjoyed by many straight couples as well.  Why does how a person has sex with their spouse determine their right to marry?  It doesn’t.  If sex life detirmined right to marriage all these people that don’t have oral or anal sex, DENIED!  Reason – BORING and PRUDE!  Another “marriage is a man and a woman”.  I find it interesting that people that have done such a magnificent job proving they can handle the sanctity of marriage are suddenly capable of  defining it.  Did they learn this from their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (some 4th, 5th, 6th…) marriage?  Or maybe the people they were having affairs with?  From the hookers they paid to sleep with them told them?  OR maybe maybe it’s all the happy male/female marriages that exist (sarcasm).  Think about how many straight people you hear say “I’m never getting married.  It’s a trap.”?  So what makes total fu*k ups on a subject such experts?  *Crickets*  Interesting isn’t it.

This bill truly did upset me today to the point that I didn’t even want to write about it.  I considered moving to another country since this one doesn’t want LGBT people.  I was furious to know that another year would go by without equality for LGBT.  Then the more I thought about this the more empowered I became.  Do you know how much planning can be done in a year?  How much this loving, caring, first class group of citizens can achieve in 1 year.  They may have knocked us back, but they will NEVER knock us down.  We are human beings that deserve to have rights just as any other living breathing person does.  I will dedicate myself to this cause.  Here and now I promise that I will do everything I can think of to do more than my part to get us the rights we deserve!  I will not be quiet, I will not run away to another part of the world, WE will have our rights and there isn’t a DAMN thing any hateful, cruel, bullying, bigot on their 3rd or 4th marriage can do about that.  We got this!





It does get better, but if you cannot see your life getting better please visit

March 9, 2011

“This Is Not Legislation … This Is Lives”

Today NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a closed door meeting with leaders of many gay advocacy groups.  Gov. Cuomo has decided to put the rights of citizens at the forefront.  Advocacy leaders described Mr. Cuomo’s words as unexpectedly forceful and passionate.  He instructed his aides to give their FULL attention to legalizing same-sex marriage in NY.   It does seem as though Gov. Cuomo is using all his political muscle to ensure equal rights to all NY’s citizens.  He is taking this issue very personally.  He is quoted by New York Times as stating “to me this is more than a piece of legislation, this is about the lives of people I have known for many years, who currently live without the rights to which they are entitled”.  Bravo Gov. Cuomo!  IT GETS BETTER!



March 9, 2011

Calling Out Religious Bull! Courtesy of Prince County Maryland ministers.

I am enraged at the actions of the Prince George County Maryland “ministers”.   Tuesday these churches came to push against the passing of Maryland’s marriage equality bill.  They gave the same old tired arguement that God says being gay is an abomination, (BULLSH*T), and the Bible says “homosexuality is a sin”, (BULLSH*T).  One loving genius man of God said he “welcomed homosexuals in his church (along with other deviants), but would NEVER perform a same sex marriage”.  He of course is entitled to his opinion but so am I and my opinion is sir you are a bigot asshole.  I will never apologize for saying that either because I CLEARLY mean it.  The spew of BULLSH*T continued with the opinion that “the churches’ definition of marriage is a man and woman”.  BULLSH*T they change their definitions of every other “belief” to suit their needs and ways to make untaxed money, so change the definition of marriage.

OK, so, these churches don’t support my LGBT community, and my life will go on.  I believe in God and I don’t need some moron in a suit or jackass in a robe to tell me what God said.  I have a great relationship with a LOVING GOD!  Honestly I feel very sorry for these so called religious people for fuc*ing up a pure love from God and filling it with HATE and FEAR.    I don’t need your hate and neither does the LGBT community.  This is a community filled with LOVE.  Fighting for LOVE.  So carry on spreading HATE, geniuses.

Another thing that makes this pointless is there is a separation of church and government in this country, THANK GOD!  There are more reasons for couples wanting to marry other than recognition of the church.  Shocking I know!  The more important reasons are spousal health care, inheritance tax, and OH FAMILY!  You know all those foster kids and pro-life babies put up for adoption a lot are now being raised by 2 loving parents that happen to be of the same gender.  SO BULLSH*T to your “family” arguement!

From this day on I will not associate myself with any “christian” establishment because they are full of self serving bigoted HATE there is nothing left of God’s love.  You so called people of God suck and He will still love you for spewing HATE and LIES in His name.

Churches want to help this country start paying taxes and stop brainwashing people into nonsense.   Leave LOVE alone.  You “christians”, know nothing about love.  I have ZERO respect for any of you that can vomit HATE and pretend to represent God.  You are all bullies with blood on your hands!  You make me ill, and I will be praying to my LOVING God for your hate filled souls.

A big SHOUT OUT to those accepting churches and the honest men and women that represent the true loving God.  LGBT brothers and sisters continue to STAND IN YOUR TRUTH hate does not define us, LOVE DOES!  THANK YOU GOD FOR MAKING ME A LESBIAN!  I am proud and so is He that I refuse to live a lie for anyone!



If you feel you cannot see your life getting better, please visit 🙂

March 8, 2011

Lady Gaga Stands Up For What’s Right

I was so beyond excited to read in The Advocate that Lady Gaga has officially taken her deal with Target and Billboard off the table.  Lady Gaga is a STRONG advocate for the LGBT community and our causes.  Target has recently come under fire within our community for funding the failed campaign of  Tom Emmer in 2010 when he ran for MN Gov.  Emmer has strong Anti-Gay platforms and Target gave to his campaign and although Target was made aware they offended our community they have made ZERO attempts at correcting this mistake.  Lady Gaga was in negotiations with Target and Billboard for her deal and her requirement was that Target had to start redeeming itself and giving to LGBT causes.  Target did not comply with Lady Gaga’s request and she stood for us and dissolved the deal!  THANK YOU Lady Gaga!!  Target must learn that they are going to be held responsible as a corporation for their poor choices.  They cannot single us out and publicly spew HATE.

I used to shop at Target all the time but now if they were the last store I’d never step foot in another until they make an attempt to redeem themselves.  Clearly they do not like who I am so the last thing I will do is step foot in a Target and spend my lesbian money!   Lady Gaga made a clear choice.  She chose to do what is right over what would be better for business.  The very least our community can do is to avoid giving Target our hard earned money so they can use it against us. Thank You Thank You Thank You Lady Gaga!!!!




March 8, 2011

One of My Favorite LGBT Organizations

The LGBT is so lucky to have several great organizations out there working for us.  One of my favorites is SAGE, Services and Advocacy for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders.  SAGE is working hard to provide a voice for the aging LGBT community that are often neglected or forced back into the closet to receive proper care.

This country often defines LGBT in terms of sexual activity, and we cannot let that happen.  We are individual people that deserve our dignity at any age.  Since 1978, (then called Seniors Action in Gay Environment), SAGE has worked with our community to create new “family” networks and ensure the voices of our elderly are not silenced.

The services provided by SAGE are given to LGBT aged 60+ (50 if HIV+).  Services are not just physical well being, but programs about sex and dating, finances, the arts and culture, and history and heritage.  There are group and individual counseling sessions as well as walking and bus trips.  SAGE also provides options to receive their care in SAGE Clinical & Social Services facility, in-home, or even by telephone.

SAGE services are located all over the country and are always in need of volunteers.  I highly recommend working with seniors, it will truly touch your soul!  I feel much safer knowing as I age that organizations like SAGE exist for us, so please support them.

Visit to help!



March 7, 2011

It Has to Stop NOW

Today a medical examiner for Douglas County Minnesota confirmed the death of Lance Lundsten, an 18 year old high school student in Alexandria.  Lance was a target for bullying at school because he chose to live as an openly gay young man.  The courage it took for Lance to be true to himself is the same thing that made him vulnerable to the cruel ridicule of the weak minded bullies adults and peers a like.

Initially Lance’s death was believed to be due to an enlarged heart, but after a preliminary autopsy Douglas County’s Medical Examiner ruled Lance did not die from an enlarged heart.  Soon after Lance’s death word had spread through social media sites and rumors began to emerge suggesting that he did commit suicide.  His family chose to believe that Lance’s death was due to a medical condition.  Unfortunately it was determined that Lance did commit suicide by drug overdose.

What concerns me the most is that this community seems to dismiss this as somehow Lance’s fault because he chose to live openly gay in a “traditional community that isn’t changing with the times”.  It is NOT OK to encourage vicious behavior in the name of “tradition”.  The blood of this young child is on the hands of each and every person that treated Lance like a second class citizen.  A local news station interviewed a former high school student that is openly gay.  He shined light on the fact that Jefferson School (the high school both attended) has a long history of bullying and apparently district administrators are OK with turning their heads and allowing “traditional” values to continue.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!  On every level this is wrong!  This world has to become a safer place to stand in your truth at EVERY age.  The problem is COWARDS hide behind words like “tradition”, “Christian”, “teaparty”, “conservative”… to behave viciously.  This does not end after high school, it continues on clear into senior years.  Differences HAVE GOT TO BE CELEBRATED!  Too many people are dying because of hate.

Please if you are feeling depressed and feel like you can’t imagine your life any better PLEASE visit  People in the LGBT are here for you.  We are fighting for a change everyday!  It does get better!

If you are bullying someone because they are different, what you are doing is NEVER acceptable!  You must educate yourself on what it is like to have the courage to be different, whatever that difference may be.

STOP THE HATE! NOW!  We cannot continue to lose our children in this manner!



March 7, 2011

Love Story Time

A couple was in their 20s when they met.  Each had gone to college got their respective degrees and made a successful professional life.  They went through all the highs and lows of life.  Through the happy and sad they made it and watched a lot of their friends marry and re-marry and remarry and remarry.  Their union stood the test of time.  They retired each earning and saving millions of dollars.  At the age of 84 one became sick.  With a body filled with illness and a heart full of love one passed away leaving the other behind for the first time in 60 plus years.  The couple never had children and all of the estate was left to the other remaining partner.

Never accepting the life of their sibling the deceased partner’s sister came and took the living partner’s inheritance away and there wasn’t anything that could stop her.  At 80+ years old the living partner lost 1/2 of what they had owned at the time of their partner’s death.

Why?  Where were the laws to help this now elderly person?  Oh, wait, this was a same-sex couple.  In this country this is what happens everyday to life long loving couples, simply because they are not legally allowed to marry.  The same right that straight couples use, abuse, and take advantage of sometimes multiple times in their lives but same sex couples cannot do this even once.  Why?

Progress must be made.  We must have marriage equality to protect ourselves!  We are not second class citizens.  Organizations that “protect” marriage, I challenge you to if you are indeed protecting marriage, accept same-sex couples because we LOVE.  Marriage is about LOVE not sex, or what’s between someone’s legs.  It’s not about reproducing there are plenty of male/female couples that cannot or choose not to have families but are still allowed to be married.  What are you protecting?